Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Now you see it and now you don't- how history disappears

How do you tell history on TV if footage of events gets deleted?

In July 2017 a Sky News reporter tried to explain how environmental activists are using home made metal arm tubes to 'lock on' in order to blockade the gates of a Fracking site.

As the Sky reporter (former BBC reporter Mike McCarthy) displayed a 'lock on' tube infront of his broadcast cameraman, Police surrounded him and took the lock on away claiming the reporter was actually a protester.

Despite showing his official Press card and his broadcast van full of equipment, the dull cops still refused to give the lock on tube back so he could finish his report.

But luckily the Sky new cameraman filmed it all. However when i asked for a copy of the footage to use in my documentary, I was told by Andrew Wilson, the Sky News cameraman

'Unfortunately Sky didn't keep the rushes of the shoot. 
Some they do keep some they don't think it's important enough. 
Sorry library make those secessions.'
So that is how history will be told. The 10 seconds which was broadcast is all that will be stored for future story tellers. That is why it is so important for independent film makers to keep their own archives. Read my last report on this story.

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Zan said...

Wow - fascinating. Although not altogether surprising. Just on a practical note it makes sense to archive - some stuff might be worth money down the line, and it's not like we're likely to get a state pension! The question is whether I'll still be able to play my mini-dv's in 10 years time...

Paul O' Connor said...

Simple answer is no Zan.
I had a lot of footage on Betacam Sp. When I came to transfer that footage a few years ago do you think I could find a working player? I actually bought through 3 different Sony 1800P players and each one seized up.

Sony engineers told me it is very common if players are not used for a long time, they seize up. In 10 years time I reckon DV players will go the same way.

Get the tapes all digitised now which you can

T L D said...

There is some footage of this on Facebook, not the entire incident but two short videos

Paul O' Connor said...

Yes that is my point TLD. Only a few seconds with Sky titles all over it exists. This is all that is saved so anyone trying to tell the wider story of events in years to come is stuffed.