Friday, July 08, 2016

My video report - Direct action on Trident Nuclear Weapons

The latest video report I produced has been released. Produced for Lush to educate their staff about important topics of the day.


July 18th- The Government is holding a vote on whether to renew Trident Nukes so the issue is coming to head.

Labour leader Jermey Corbyn told Sky News
“We are having a look at all the issues surrounding it. I believe security in the world is achieved through peace, through democracy, through justice, through human rights.

“I do not believe that nuclear weapons actually enhance security, I support the nuclear non-proliferation treaty – which we are signed up to – which is trying to bring together collective disarmament. Those are the views that I will be putting forward.”

This video report is about Government determination to forceTrident nuclear weapons upon us. Watch the 2minute report about Direct Actions on the Atomic Weapons Establishment near Reading

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