Monday, July 25, 2016

An awards scam? TMT

A few months ago I entered our solar powered cinema into the TMT 2016 Technology Awards.

I was delighted to receive an email a while after stating we had won the category for 'best mobile cinema'- a category which they obviously made up to fit.

Reading further into the email, I was expected to pay TMT £595 to take out an advert in their magazine to tell everyone about our award winner! I ignored it of course but TMT send me emails on a regular basis pushing for me to take out the advert.

Today I was sent an email stating that they had dropped their price from £595 to £345.  But I still have no interest whatsoever.

What a scam! I am not alone as other companies have been in touch with me about the TMT awards feeling that they are being scammed.

Quotes include
'I felt it wasn't exactly right when I opened the "you've been nominated" email'

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Harry Bijl said...

Yeap, same here. Been nominated and their persistence is such that I've gone as far as to checking data, page and feedback. These guys even have a fb page. complete scam

Nadine Kittle said...

Well, they are back at it!! Got 5 email in 2 days to various people in our company, now hitting up our engineering and support teams in hopes one of them fall for it.