Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How corporations control the media

Here is a perfect example of how corporations can and do control what gets broadcast.

The UK’s largest commercial radio group, Global Radio, advised its stations, which include Classic FM, Capital and LBC, to drop the HSBC tax story on the morning the story broke for “editorial reasons”.

Global, which broadcasts to about 23 million listeners a week, advised its stations not to run reports about the banking giant after it was revealed that the bank’s Swiss subsidiary helped wealthy customers dodge taxes and conceal millions of dollars in assets.
Its stations, which also include the Heart, Smooth, Xfm and Gold networks, were told by the company’s management to drop the HSBC story from about 8.45am on 9 February, the day the story broke.

The Daily Telegraph’s coverage of the HSBC story became the focus of attention following the resignation of its chief political commentator Peter Oborne, claiming the paper had deliberately suppressed stories about the banking giant and describing it as a “fraud on its readers”.
In response the Telegraph said it had made an editorial decision not to pursue the story despite it being covered extensively by most of its rivals and broadcasters.

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