Monday, June 16, 2014

How to open an ethical bank account

Triodos Bank has been funding community-owned renewable energy projects in the UK since 1996. The projects provide clean energy for communities and the income from generating electricity has also funded local improvements. These have included renovating village halls, purchasing ground for sports fields, supporting clubs for local children, and creating safe public footpaths along busy roads.

Triodos Bank’s lending is only possible through its savers. The funds placed into Triodos savings accounts by Friends of the Earth supporters have been lent to environmentally sound, socially conscious enterprises including community-owned renewable energy projects - providing jobs and income for people, while striving to free the UK from dependence on dirty energy.

Friends of the Earth said
Thanks to everyone who has already opened an account with Triodos. The bank has made a donation to Friends of the Earth for every account opened at the link below. Doing this has already triggered donations of over £4,100 for Friends of the Earth since March (the donations received last year totalled more than £10,000).

Open an account with Triodos, deposit £100 or more and they'll donate £40* to help with our work. The donations we receive from Triodos will help us to continue our campaigning work, including our efforts to save Britain’s bees and prevent fracking.
Apply now for an ethical savings account.

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