Friday, March 14, 2014

Dead leprechauns being discovered across Ireland

I have been getting reports from Ireland about dead leprechauns being discovered this week. Photos are appearing on social media sites in Ireland.
This Dead Leprechaun was seen outside Blarney castle in Cork today
Just days before Ireland celebrates St Patrick's day, I am getting reports of small dead leprechauns being found with gold coins scattered around them. Does it have a political message? Is it a protest? 
Have you heard or seen any other dead Leprechaun?
  Dead leprechaun at our Lady of Wayside

For those who don't know -a Leprechaun is a type of evil fairy in Irish folklore, usually taking the form of an old man, who is a trickster and likes to hoard his gold.

  Dead leprechaun was seen on St Patricia Street Cork city

Ireland definitely squandered it's own gold over these past 15 years. They had a chance to borrow Euros at a cheap rate and invest it building Ireland into a strong independent country. Instead the fools at the top destroyed the econony with corruption and went on a disastrous property boom. Maybe they were really Leprechauns?

A dead Leprechaun in Dublin
cliffs of moher
lough derg

If you hear of any more reports of dead Leprechauns please let me know on

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