Monday, February 17, 2014

Met Office report link floods to climate change

Me filming in 1995 at anti car protests
I have been using video to support campaign groups since 1993. It made sense to help people trying to stop more roads being built (which both actually increases traffic and pollution). Thousands of trees and entire forests were destroyed all over the UK to make way for the Tories massive road schemes (biggest since the Romans). Due to the direct action, many of the roads were shelved by 1999.
Then I supported Reclaim the Streets, a vibrant movement to curb car expansion which all led to supporting campaigners involved in averting climate change (chaos).

All the scientific predictions of floods, high winds, heatwaves and general mayhem has all come true this year. Maybe I should have concentrated on being a plumber or flooding engineer as these skills will probably be of more use in the coming years than being a film maker.

The Met office released a report called Global Perspective on the Recent Storms and Floods in the UK.Finally, they are linking the chaos to climate change too

They write
'...recent studies have suggested an increase in the intensity of Atlantic storms that take a more southerly track, typical of this winter's extreme weather. There is also an increasing body of evidence that shows that extreme daily rainfall rates are becoming more intense, and that the rate of increase is consistent with what is expected from the fundamental physics of a warming world.'

Yet Media Lens today write that 'no matter how extreme the weather, and how awful the hardships endured by ordinary people in the floods, the culpability of corporate-driven industrial 'civilisation', its inherent ecological unsustainability, and the urgent need for radical changes, must not be addressed in any meaningful way. '

They cite 'a careful analysis by Carbon Brief of 3,064 flood-related newspapers stories, published between the start of December 2013 and 10 February 2014, makes this clear. Their stark conclusion is that over 93 per cent of press stories did not mention climate change (never mind the role of humans in disturbing the delicate balance of climate).'

They end their report with 'unless drastic measures are taken to curb global warming, we will be engulfed by catastrophic climate change.'

I have filmed for 20 years and all Governments have dragged their feet on climate change (probably due to their corporate links). So I don't expect much radical action in the near future so invest in boats and wellies, you are going to need them.

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