Monday, February 17, 2014

Awaiting justice for being spied upon

John Jordan who was spied upon by undercover cop Jim Boyling is waiting for the decision on whether the reasons can be disclosed. I wrote earlier about Boylings involvement in a riot.

The undercover cop went to court alongside John for a protest where John was found guilty of assaulting a police man. The cop allegedly gave false evidence on oath while pretending to be an environmental campaigner.Years later the case was over turned when it was revealed that there was an undercover cop involved.

John Jordan wrote this week 
'We have to wait for the secret court to meet, they say march ???? and the judge wants to immediately (same day ) have the public hearing !'

So far there have been 15 official inquiries and investigations into undercover cops in Eco-protests. While many women are demanding justice for how they were spied upon, I also know of women who have decided to have nothing to do with the inquiries. They have no faith in the Police finding fault with their
own cops. So these police led investigations have served only to delay and distract. Another farce coming from the Police?

This month the first public meeting about the undercover cops debacle is being held in London.

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