Friday, January 31, 2014

Citizen journalists and video activists beware of Google

Citizen journalists and video activists beware

Google patent could have nightmare implications for privacy, freedom of assembly

Paul Joseph Watson from has exposed that Google has filed a patent for identifying when a “mob” event takes place by detecting when a number of cellphone videos or photos are taken at one particular location with the intention of forwarding such information to' law enforcement authorities.' So imagine being on demonstration and a small group of people break away to do some direct action such as put super-glue the locks of an arms factory.  It is easy to imagine 15 people will get excited and start recording the action via their smartphones.  It shows up as a spike which Police can monitor takes to Google. They inform the most local cops and bang - the activists are pounced upon. So an effective non-violent protest gets people locked up thanks to Google.

“When there are at least a given number of video clips with similar time stamps and geolocation stamps uploaded to a repository, it is inferred that an event of interest has likely occurred, and a notification signal is transmitted (e.g., to a law enforcement agency, to a news organization, to a publisher of a periodical, to a public blog, etc.),” states US Patent #20140025755

The full patent reads as
Inferring events based on mob source video
US 20140025755 A1
Read Patent here 

Read Patent here 

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