Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What Binda Singh the scammer did next...

In 2011 I exposed a scammer based in Swansea who was ripping off film-makers.
Binda Singh (known also Belvedere Pashun or Jeroboam Snatch or TL Shannon) charged film makers good money for bad service at his shoddy film festivals all over the globe. Following my investigations and the resulting BBC, Guardian and other media coverage, his Hollywood patrons Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Sheen quickly withdrew their support.
Binda Singh with his hands full
His reputation is now shot as anyone doing an online search for Binda Singh will reveal his dodgy reputation. So to get around that inconvenience , Mr Singh has reinvented himself and has re-entered the scene. This time preying on wannabe actors rather than filmmakers.

Singh is now hiding behind his new identities- Belvedere Pashun and Jeroboam Snatch and in 2016 is also going under the name TL Shannon. As Pashun, Binda Singh has created himself as a Tibetan Buddhist who likes to study butterflies and meditate on the slopes of the Himalayas- all while writing such insightful works as Shag! the musical.His other persona is 'Jeroboam Snatch' - Singh has changed his gender as a female who is a 'very fine writer. Young fresh and sexy'. The photo he uses to pose under this identity is the American actress Selina Gomez (see below)

His current stage show has all his hall marks of being a shoddy piece of work.
WAG! The Musical had its West End Premiere on July 18th. Not unsurprisingly for Singhs standards, his shows are being thrashed by critics. The Stage gives a roundup of just how bad his shows are. The Independent summed it up with
'Wag! The Musical: The biggest turkey to hit the West End in years?'

If anyone seeks proof that Singh and Pushan are one and the same person they can refer to the fact that WAG! the musical began life as Funkette!- written in 2004 by one Binda Singh.

Perhaps hoping for a reincarnated life to escape his dodgy past, Singh posted this on Twitter about his current stage show WAG! the musical.

None of this will stop Singh however as he all about self promotion. Despite BBC exposing his dodgy financial dealings, he has a knack of ingratiating himself into the world of celebrities. He can somehow convince them of his stature as a writer/producer/director/Tibetan/butterfly collector/filmmaker/University lecturer etc etc..

Belvedere Pashun or is it Binda Singh?
He has recently convinced former Atomic Kittens singer Kerry Katona to play Marilyn Monroe in his 'Norma Jeane The Musical'. The fact that she was declared bankrupt recently may give a clue to her desperation for wanting involvement in anything new.

Singh's business partner, Ms Struel-White told the Evening Post
"There were only a handful of performers that the writer Belvedere Pashun would even contemplate for the role of Marilyn Monroe and right at the top was Kerry Katona."
Not content with destroying one icon, his other project is about the life of Mahatma Gandhi - 'Mahatma The Musical' is now casting. If neither of them floats your boat, you can always look forward to his 'Les Dawson The Musical.

So to anyone interested in Binda Singh / Belvedere Pashun- I say follow the money and see where it leads.

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Graham Williams said...

Thanks for warning us all that Mr Singh - the man who once fooled the South Wales Evening Post into publishing a half-page article about him having persuaded Meryl Streep into starring in a play he'd written about Dylan Thomas's wife Caitlin which would see its world premiere at Swansea's Taliesin Arts Centre. Not only was Ms Streep blissfully unaware of B.S.'s existence, but he hadn't even written such a play.

Anonymous said...

There should be a wesbite solely dedicated to The Scams of Binda Singh.


Paul O' Connor said...

Thanks Graham, I didn't know about Streep. It joins his long list of celebrities that he ropes in for his scams.

llama farmer said...

Kingfisher Knightley appears to be another (equally unlikely) name he's using.

KK's only visible output on the web is that quote about Jeroboam Snatch and a new play to be put on in 2014 by KSW Productions, Karen Struel-White's company which also put on the other works of BS/Belvedere Pashun.

Anonymous said...

I knew Binda when he was a teenager. I'm not surprised about any of this. He could charm for Wales and it looks as if nothing has changed. You know it wouldn't surprise me if he was behind this blog?

Nicky said...
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Anonymous said...

After a look around the web, it might appear that Belvedere Pashun, a.k.a. Jeroboam Snatch a.k.a. Binda Singh, is also going under the name TL Shannon.

Photos of Pashun are confirmed as Mr Singh, & have been handed to police who are tracing his whereabouts.

KSW Productions, in the hands of Mr Singh's co-conspirator of sorts, are producing a musical about the life of wrestler 'Exotic' Adrian Street, an ex-resident of Brynmawr in the Gwent valleys. I believe Mr Street has been involved, but I doubt he understands the implications.

Paul O' Connor said...

I am constantly amazed at how Singh continues to get away with his scams. I appreciate people updating via my blog on his latest scams.

Any info appreciated and I will pass it all on and hopefully we can save a few people from him

Anonymous said...

Paul, Binda Singh is teaching, or at least has been, the "Introduction to Playwright" course for Swansea University Adult & Continuing Education department, in small community centre in an iffy are of Swansea.

He's listed as living in London, but his actual home address would be in the Brynmill/St. Helen's area of Swansea. It's known that he rents out houses to students in these areas. The money made from the festivals will have disappeared (spent), or been invested into his plays/musical theatre projects (which, BTW I've never experienced but the reviews have been rather critical, & yet the PR for other shows cite the words "acclaimed", "packed houses", etc.).

As it happens, I'm in touch with someone who knows Adrian Street & will be bringing up the new musical based upon his life story. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Another pseudonym of Binda Singh is Anushka Attenborough. This was his imaginary Secretary for the Film Festivals he ran.

Paul O' Connor said...

Binda does seem to have a lot of alias. Anushka Attenborough is one i have not heard before. Do you have any emails with this name attached?

Anonymous said...

I was the G M of the hotel that hosted three of the film festivals in South Africa.My staff did an enormous amount of work for Mr Singh. We all became suspicious of these festivals but were acting on behalf of the hotel we worked for. The owner of the hotel is also from Swansea and was listed as the CEO of Amritsa. Mr Singh told me about Anushka Attenborough himself, he said he got a better response from people as a woman.