Monday, April 08, 2013

Thatcher is Dead- the country rejoices with street parties.

Reasons to despise Thatchers legacy-

Attack on the media
The relentless bullying of the BBC was started by Thatcher but she took this to a new level with Tebbit and various other ministers calling it the Bolshevic Broadcasting Company because it failed to replicate Sun editorial lines in its news broadcasts. In one of her last acts she even managed to wreck Channel 4' s public service commitment by changing its funding situation from one of subscription from ITV who sold its advertising space to total dependence on advertising. 

 Supporting Dictator- Thatcher and Pinochet- a reminder
"According to various reports and investigations 1,200–3,200 people were killed, up to 80,000 were interned, and up to 30,000 were tortured by his regime including women and children"...

"Pinochet was an annual visitor to her home in London after he stepped down from power in 1990, always sending flowers and chocolates on his arrival in England. Days before his arrest he was invited for tea at the former premier's home"...

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