Monday, April 29, 2013

Yes you can film the Police!

When police carried out a routine stop-and-search of her boyfriend on the London Underground, Gemma Atkinson filmed the incident. She was detained, handcuffed and threatened with arrest. She launched a legal battle, which ended with the police settling the case in 2010. With the money from the settlement she funded the production of this animated film, which she says shows how her story and highlights police misuse of counterterrorism powers to restrict photography

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Twyford Down remembered

I began filming and protesting 20 years ago, in 1993 after seeing the destruction caused by the M3 motorway through Twyford Down near Winchester. Today I read a very well written story here about the road protest...

April 1992
The flags are flying again. Green, red and black.

“We’re human in scale. We oppose the tyranny of the motorcar,” pronounces the speaker. He’s clearly rehearsed, slightly shaky of voice, a hint of RP. Someone asks about the name.

“The name is…thanks for asking by the way…the name is, um, actually a Matabele term coined by Professors at the Winchester College, to help describe the medieval track ways that criss-cross all over the Downs.”

Greasy haired, he’s wearing a faded black T-shirt bearing an image of the Uffington Horse.

“The Tories are talking of the biggest road-building project since Roman times. The Romans, well, they were invaders, conquerors by might, too.”

I nod over-enthusiastically in agreement before I fully digest what he’s just said. I’m wary of this talk of invaders and natives. The Dongas describe themselves as British indigenes. It seems a useful fiction. I’m not sure the dividing line can be drawn so easily. I’ve been here a day. We’re up on St. Catherine’s Hill, at a sort of informal induction day – how I imagine the first session of a creative writing workshop or an AA meeting to be. Say your name, introduce yourself with flushed cheeks, make fleeting eye contact with the others before looking at your shoes, check out who the hot lads are. I oppose the motorway, yes, but I’m also here to do something different. Expand my horizons. Find myself. Do something.

The arguments I’ve seen playing out on the five o’ clock news, on ITN, Channel 4, the Beeb, the ones that led to me coming out here, they say the bypass is the last missing link in the M3 between Southampton and London. Evolution. We need it. I never understand where all the traffic is going. Mum didn’t even have a car until I was ten years old. I myself can drive, largely taught by dad, but I do not own a car.

Sofia grins shiftily at me as a prelude to her introduction. We’ve known each other since we were toddlers, both our single mums close friends, nattering as we played on our small patch of grass in Kent, yelling our lungs out, making daisy chins, falling over. Dad would visit every weekend, more or less.

Read more here

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Undercurrents in Liverpool May 1st

I will be presenting the work of Undercurrents in Liverpool on May 1st at this symposium.
Cyberspace, Alternative Media, and Activism Symposium

Date: 01 May 2013
Time: 12:00-16:00

Event information: This symposium will create a space for discussion and analysis of alternative media output that is now found within the online realm. It will specifically focus on new media forms open to dissenting voices, politicized identities, and movements that are working for positive social change but are marginalized or ignored by the mainstream media.

Bringing together academics and producers, this event will facilitate a dialogue on how and why diverse resistant media are thriving within cyberspace. Our keynote speaker for the event will be Professor Chris Atton, an expert on new media and political communication, radical online journalism, the media of social movements, fanzines, and community media. He is author of 'Alternative Media, An Alternative Internet: Radical Media, Politics, and Creativity', and 'Alternative Journalism' (with James F. Hamilton).

If you are interested in contributing to or attending this event, please contact John Boyle at:
Location: Location: Lecture Theatre 8, Rendall Building, University of Liverpool
Open to: Any UOL students
Any UOL staff
Students from other HEIs
Staff from other HEIs/research institutions
General Public
More web info:
Fee details: Free admission
Contact: Dr John Boyle - Department of Communication & Media.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Did your film have an impact?

The PUMA Impact Award is an annual prize honouring the best in documentary filmmaking. The 50,000 Euro award, given to one documentary that has made the greatest social or environmental impact, acknowledges the film's makers and also helps the continuation of the film's campaigning work.

Anyone can put a film forward from any country. Films can be put forward any time up to three years after release. Independent creative documentary films on any subject are welcome, from social justice issues to the environment and in any form, from expository to observational.
In order to be considered for the award, each filmmaking team must submit data demonstrating evidence of the film’s social impact, for example:
• How a film demonstrably changed public awareness of a given issue

• Influenced corporate policy on sustainability or workplace issues

• Impacted lawmakers & politicians triggering reviews or enquiries

• Affected consumer purchasing or voting decisions

• How the film helped build capacity or raised funds for campaign organisations and other partners
Past winners of the award are The End of the Line in 2011, an environmental documentary on the overfishing of the world’s oceans, and Budrus in 2012, about non-violent demonstrations conducted by the residents of Palestinian village Budrus to protest against the building of the Israeli West Bank barrier.

Recipients of the Jury Commendation have been Josh Fox's anti-fracking polemic Gasland, and Burma VJ, about the video journalists who risked their life to report the 2009 Burmese uprising.
Do you have a film that is eligible? have your seen or worked with a film that should be up for the award? If so, please spread to your networks.
Find out more and apply

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John Pilger's thoughts about dancing on Thatcher's grave

'Perhaps it is too easy to dance on her grave. Her funeral was a propaganda stunt, fit for a dictator: an absurd show of militarism, as if a coup had taken place. And it has. "Her real triumph", said another of her boys, Geoffrey Howe, a Thatcher minister, "was to have transformed not just one party but two, so that when Labour did eventually return, the great bulk of Thatcherism was accepted as irreversible." '

The award winning journalist also wrote;

In 1982, the Argentine cruiser, General Belgrano, was steaming outside the Falklands exclusion zone. The ship offered no threat, yet Thatcher gave orders for it to be sunk. Her victims were 323 sailors, including conscripted teenagers. The crime had a certain logic. Among Thatcher's closest allies were mass murderers - Pinochet in Chile, Suharto in Indonesia, responsible for "many more than one million deaths" (Amnesty International). Although the British state had long armed the world's leading tyrannies, it was Thatcher who brought a crusading zeal to the deals, talking up the finer points of fighter aircraft engines, hard-bargaining with bribe-demanding Saudi princes. I filmed her at an arms fair, stroking a gleaming missile. "I'll have one of those!" she said.

Read his full article here

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dirty Wars- movie trailer

I have filmed in the Middle East with the director of this stunning movie. Rick Rowley (below) is fearless and an excellent cameraman.

It's the dirty little secret of the War on Terror: all bets are off, and almost anything goes. We have fundamentally changed the rules of the game and the rules of engagement. Today drone strikes, night raids, and U.S. government--condoned torture occur in corners across the globe, generating unprecedented civilian casualties.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill (author of BLACKWATER: The Rise of the World's Most Mercenary Army) traces the rise of the Joint Special Operations Command, the most secret fighting force in U.S. history, exposing operations carried out by men who do not exist on paper and will never appear before Congress. No target is off-limits for the JSOC "kill list," even a U.S. citizen.

Director Richard Rowley takes us on a chilling ride with whistle-blower Scahill. Dirty Wars is a battle cry for the soul and conscience of an America few of us know exists.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Measles- caught in the spotty light of the media

Here in Swansea, we are besieged by news that measles is running rampant across the city- over 800 cases since November.  But cutting through the hype to find the truth is very difficult as the media have created a wall which has obliterated nearly all rational debate. The mantra being repeated is 'get the MMR jab.' But what about the other options? Why is nothing else being aired?

I think many people who have had, or will get their kids vaccinated have done little or no research into whether they actually work or not. A lot of scare mongering is produced by the pharmaceutical companies and taken as truth by the NHS so trying to wade through the hype is difficult.

The BBC for instance is following the line that MMR jab is the only option. The fact that children get the MMR jab and still end up getting measles is generally ignored. The medical response is that people should line up for more MMR jabs. That doesn't inspire confidence in me.

Many blame a Doctor Wakefield for causing the current skepticism about the MMR, missing the actual fact that it was the media itself. Journalists with little or no scientific background were making headlines with spurious claims. Pro-MMR writer Ben Goldacre published how the media had more impact than Wakefield in his book Bad Science. 
I can recall my own experience with Measles as it was a common childhood disease when I was growing up in the 1970's. It has now been reshaped into a dangerous threat and I understand that doctors want/need to believe that the MMR is a vital tool in their kit to save the nation. After all it is drummed into them from day 1 at medical school, and reinforced daily by the Pharma industry. It is surely easier for any trainee doctor to believe than to take the trouble to step outside the box and look at it objectively. Any doctor who gives an alternative view of the effectiveness of MMR will be (and has been) quickly shut down or deemed to be a quack. I generally find that looking at any financial incentive is always interesting to explore motives. While most GPs back the Government line, I do wonder how much this has to do with the bonus of £860 if they achieve a 70 per cent take-up of the jab? Or the £2,580 they get if they reach 90 per cent?

The medical system works very well for broken bones etc, but not so well for viruses. This area of care has been largely taken over by the Pharma industry involving millions of pounds. Generating fear is a tried and tested road to vast wealth. Remember all those swine flu vaccines that the tax payer bought a few years ago? According the media and Big Pharma, we were going to be wiped out. Big Pharma has the last laugh as £75m of those public taxfunded Tamiflu vaccines have been flushed away unused. The government meanwhile also spent £424m stockpiling 40m units of Tamiflu between 2006-07 and 2012-13, despite question marks over the effectiveness of the drug, a National Audit Office memo stated. You can trace similar stories with bird flu, and just about every other kind of flu they demanded we should be jabbed against.

Links between the MMR and Autism have been largely dismissed but in 2010 New Scientist published the case of the $1.5m payout because vaccines were linked to a child's severe Autism.

Newspapers use hype to sell their papers- they did it with linking autism to MMR in the '90s and the result has been public confusion for the last 13 years. Today the media are now all backing MMR as the only thing that can save us. A complete U-turn so it is no wonder that people are confused.

The media is now in a constant campaign to create tension and fear over measles. ITN contacted me recently asking me if I knew anyone who could give an alternative side of the MMR issue. I couldn't find a single person who wanted to go in front of their cameras. The reasons aren't difficult to understand. For weeks we have had blanket media coverage that the MMR is the only thing that will stop measles and anyone not willing to have their kids injected are bad parents.A day later The Guardian published this from blogger Sarah Ditum -

'I had a brief chat with a researcher who was trying to track down anti-MMR talking heads for a TV report. In an area where at one time, one in five families had eschewed the vaccine, no one was available to explain this collapse in confidence. It was as if they were embarrassed. And this was a problem, explained the researcher, because these opponents were necessary for "balance". ' The Guardian

It wasn't embarrassment that stopped people talking.Expecting any parent to be able to give an alternative view following weeks of a MMR supporting barrage is just ridiculous. They were concerned that their kids would end up being ostracized in public.

So the mainstream media give the airwaves to people such as Dr Paul Offit, a 'US-based measles expert' who told the BBC a few days ago that the Government should 'Make MMR jab mandatory'

This is the same 'expert' who was exposed in a CBS News investigation in 2008 with very strong Pharma industry links. He may honestly believe he is saving the world from measles, but can we accept that the millions he is earning from his vaccine patents are not clouding his judgement? Of course none of his patent wealth is mentioned in the news reports so the viewer isn't able to put his views into context.
I have met a number of parents in Swansea over the last week who had kids with measles- some had the MMR, some didn't. All survived after a week or more in bed and are now healthy again with lifetime immunity.

Should we all line up to be jabbed? Is medical intervention a help or a hindrance in our childrens health? One father whose child caught measles recently told me that he was shocked at the lack of support from doctors who offered him no information on how to treat his child or how to stop other children being infected

He said;
'This simple information is not given out- I notified the doctors and have heard nothing since, nor have I come across any 'how to take responsibility' pull-out sections in the Evening Post.....I firmly believe that the outbreak wouldn't be as extensive, that there wouldn't be so many hospitalisations and so many complications if people were given honest information'

One thing which is oft repeated is that Measles kills the weak and is cited as one of the key reasons we should vaccinate as it will give 'Herd immunity-- ie; the 95% who are vaccinated will protect the remaining 5% who are not vaccinated. However, the original definition (before a measles vaccine was invented) of herd immunity applied to the protective effect that occurred when a population contracted and recovered naturally from infection. 

According to one article I read;
'The herd immunity theory was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher called Hedrich. He had been studying measles patterns in the US between 1900-1931 (years before any vaccine was ever invented for measles) and he observed that epidemics of the illness only occurred when less than 68% of children had developed a natural immunity to it. This was based upon the principle that children build their own immunity after suffering with or being exposed to the disease. So the herd immunity theory was, in fact, about natural disease processes and nothing to do with vaccination. If 68% of the population were allowed to build their own natural defences, there would be no raging epidemic.
Later on, vaccinologists adopted the phrase and increased the figure from 68% to 95% with no scientific justification as to why, and then stated that there had to be 95% vaccine coverage to achieve immunity. Essentially, they took Hedrich’s study and manipulated it to promote their vaccination programmes.'

Natural immunity lasts a lifetime whereas vaccine induced immunity does not which is why the call for booster jabs is being heard. Some people are blaming unvaccinated kids for spreading measles. They are missing the fact that many adults who were given MMR in their childhood are now just as likely to contract the disease because their vaccine ceased working years ago. If this is the case,why aren't simple blood tests being made available to test if we are immune rather than just giving us even more MMR?

'Measles kills' is the headline grabber but I am frustrated by media reports which do not paint the wider picture. The first death linked to the Swansea outbreak occurred last week. The young man already had health problems and tests are being done to determine what role the measles played in his death. Looking back at how the media reported other deaths, much emphasis was given to the Dublin measles outbreak in 1999/2000, which also resulted tragically in two deaths. However none of the media reports I read at the time offered any reasons on why they actually died. One of the victims was a 12-month-old baby girl from a very poor family living in grim conditions on a large Dublin housing estate and was malnourished. The other was also exceptional and seriously ill before he contracted measles. He was a two-year-old with a severe malformation of the throat which linked his windpipe with his oesophagus and who had to be fed by a tube let into his stomach.None of the media reported this at the time, preferring to hype it up as a simple death by measles and ignoring the wider facts and using it to scare people into getting the MMR. One investigative reporter found that the Irish epidemic revealed 'that at least ten per cent of those who developed measles had been given the MMR jab.' One in ten is a pretty high failure rate for any treatment. I wonder what the failure rate is in Swansea?

Measles is an unpleasant disease, but not as unpleasant as the hype and divisive role being played out by the media and big Pharma. One supporter of vaccines told me that while he supported the vaccines, he would;

'like to see all vaccines produced generically out of patent, ideally by not-for-profit businesses answerable solely to regulators or something like that, and i also believe strongly that the results of every single medical trial should be published so we can finally start to make fully informed decisions'
To that end it is worth checking out

So to conclude- less hype and more useful information is needed. On that basis, here is a pamphlet produced by a Swansea mother:

Practical ways to support someone with measles

“Severe measles is more likely among poorly nourished young children, especially those with insufficient vitamin A, or whose immune systems have been weakened by HIV/AIDS or other diseases. Severe complications from measles can be avoided though supportive care that ensures good nutrition, adequate fluid intake and treatment of dehydration with WHO-recommended oral rehydration solution. This solution replaces fluids and other essential elements that are lost through diarrhoea or vomiting. Antibiotics should be prescribed to treat eye and ear infections, and pneumonia. All children in developing countries diagnosed with measles should receive two doses of vitamin A supplements, given 24 hours apart. This treatment restores low vitamin A levels during measles that occur even in well-nourished children and can help prevent eye damage and blindness. Vitamin A supplements have been shown to reduce the number of deaths from measles by 50%.” – World Health Organisation.

“Vitamin A is found abundantly in dairy products; eggs from free range hens; liver; fish, shellfish, cod liver oil. The best plant sources of beta-carotene are yellow/orange vegetables & fruits like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, apricots, nectarines, peaches, mangoes, plums; and dark green leafy vegetables: spinach, broccoli, kale, watercress, beet leaves, turnips, asparagus and peas. In order to be absorbed, vegetable sources requires fat, so serve them with butter, coconut or olive oil. Chopping and puréeing also enhance their bioavailability” -
Dr Jayne Donegan.
(Try fresh raw juices e.g. carrot, or if child is fussy, try drops e.g. Vitasorb A by BioCare.)

“Fever represents a universal, ancient, and usually beneficial response to infection, and its suppression under most circumstances has few, if any demonstrable benefits. On the other hand, some harmful effects have been shown to occur as a result of suppressing fever. It is clear, therefore, that the widespread use of antipyretics should not be encouraged either in developing countries or in industrial society.” Heinz Eichenwald, Professor of Paediatrics, writing for WHO 2003 This means: Do not suppress a fever. It is a sign that your body is fighting infection properly, helping to detox and strengthen your immune system.

"Vitamin A supplements have been shown in some studies to help prevent some
of the serious complications arising from a measles infection" – NHS

Ensure your child is in a well ventilated, dimly lit room. Get them to drink lots of water, and keep food intake to a minimum. Supplements like Vit C, D and Zinc, garlic and echinacea will all support the immune system. Elderberry and rosehip tea could also be useful. For helping with a rash, baths with 3 tbsp of baking soda or porridge oats will help to soothe it. Chamomile, Calendula and Aloe Vera also help. (These also help Chicken Pox)

To help eyes, Euphrasia (Eyebright) baths or internally (homeopathic remedy) can help. Breastfeeding boosts babies’ natural immunities.Take a week off work! We can forget that love, hugs, care and attention make all the difference to a child’s recovery. Enjoy the time with them, they will remember it.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

International Citizen Media Award

2013 the International Citizen Media Award will take place in Münster, Germany in November. 
We’ve just started to look for motivated participants who would like to win up to 1000 Euros
by doing a TV or radio broadcast.

This years’ topic is:

Citizen Media for Democracy and Tolerance – Against Racism and
Right-Wing Extremism

As our network is partner of this competition, I would kindly like to
ask you to:

1)     take part actively in this competition, inform all your staff
and motivate all members of your organisation to do so,

2)     spread this information email via your contacts and networks,
cooperation partners as well as further associations and institutions.

To get participants, we need your help. More information can be found
at the websites:

Best regards from the Bennohaus,

Cecilia Nicklaus
Public Relations Youth4Media Network
Arbeitskreis Ostviertel e.V.
Bürgerhaus Bennohaus
Bennostraße 5
48155 Münster

Telefon: 0251 60967-3
Telefax: 0251 60967-77
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Funds for inspiring protest and social change

Edge Fund Round 2 is still open for applications for radical protest.

The deadline is 22 April. Please help us spread the word to small groups working in the UK for social, economic and environmental justice and for an equal world. Find out how to apply, what we fund and who received funding in the first round on our website.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Distributor is seeking good Documentaries

Have you produced any great docs for college classrooms and libraries? We are particularly interested in educational programs for Urban Studies, African-American Studies, Latin-American Studies and the Behavioral & Healthcare Sciences
Through our Documentary & film Library at, Parallel lines currently distributes almost 400 titles in 23 educational categories, We have sold our documentaries and independent film titles to more than 900 schools and libraries in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. What we believe sets us apart from more traditional documentary distributors is that we do not force producers to sign a 2-3 year exclusive agreement. We are only interested in selling programs to specific markets. To that end, we allow producers to opt out in 45 days (in writing) if they are unhappy with the our marketing efforts.

Our Producers also have the option to supply the complete DVD packages for sale or to have us handle the duplication and printing for them.

So, if any you have documentaries or independent films (at least 15 min. in length) that could help promote discussion or raise awareness in college classrooms, you can check out the related categories on our web site and send us a DVD screener to review or email us a link to watch the film online. My assistant and I personally watch all docs that are submitted for review. It usually takes us 2-3 weeks to respond.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Definition of News...

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Challenging your 'bedroom tax' decision

This may help people against the draconian Tory policy.

If you have been issued with a 'bedroom tax' decision by your local council you only have one month to challenge it. You can only appeal later than this if you have a good reason for the delay, such as illness. Govan Law Centre (GLC) has developed a toolkit guide which explains how you can challenge the cut in your housing benefit from the bedroom tax.

More details here

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Thatcher Dead Party 6pm Saturday 13 April Trafalgar Sq

Parties are breaking out all over the UK at the news that Thatcher is dead.The Mirror reported that in GLASGOW more than 300 people gathered in George Square in the city centre to hold an impromptu party.

A shop window in Portsmouth displayed this sign.On Saturday London's Trafalgar square will see revelers rejoicing that the old Tory is gone on April 13 at 6pm

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Thatcher is Dead- the country rejoices with street parties.

Reasons to despise Thatchers legacy-

Attack on the media
The relentless bullying of the BBC was started by Thatcher but she took this to a new level with Tebbit and various other ministers calling it the Bolshevic Broadcasting Company because it failed to replicate Sun editorial lines in its news broadcasts. In one of her last acts she even managed to wreck Channel 4' s public service commitment by changing its funding situation from one of subscription from ITV who sold its advertising space to total dependence on advertising. 

 Supporting Dictator- Thatcher and Pinochet- a reminder
"According to various reports and investigations 1,200–3,200 people were killed, up to 80,000 were interned, and up to 30,000 were tortured by his regime including women and children"...

"Pinochet was an annual visitor to her home in London after he stepped down from power in 1990, always sending flowers and chocolates on his arrival in England. Days before his arrest he was invited for tea at the former premier's home"...

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Wrench- movie about the radical environmental movement

Undercurrents recorded the most radical environmental direct action campaigns in the UK during the 1990s. Much of it was inspired by Earth First! and a novel, the Monkey Wrench gang. This is that story.

Wrenched captures the passing of the monkey wrench from the pioneers of eco-activism to the new generation who will carry Abbey's legacy into the 21st century. The fight continues to sustain the last bastion of the American wilderness - the spirit of the West.

More on Wrench

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Living in the Future screening in Brighton April 27th

 Brighton is hosting a film screening of the Undercurrents film "Living in the Future: Lammas," about the UK's first planned ecovillage on Saturday 27 April.
It will be screened at 6pm as part of Brighton Permaculture's Green Architectural Day on Saturday 27th April at Brighton University, for more information on the event click HERE

Sallis Benney Theatre
University of Brighton
Grand Parade Building
Brighton BN2 0JY.

The film is a poetic tale of nine families as they create beautiful natural homes and plentiful gardens from sheep-grazed soil in Wales. In the face of legal battles and local hostility, they live with an ongoing pressure meet their targets and show success for the UK’s first planned ecoVillage, Lammas.
Under a new planning directive, Pembrokeshire Local Authority released Policy 52- which allowed for low impact development under certain strict rulings: houses built from sustainable resources and residents to glean 75% of their household needs from the land.

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Monday, April 01, 2013

Who controls the story?

'Why does the decent majority allow itself to be governed by a brutal, antisocial minority? Part of the reason is that the minority controls the story. As John Harris explained in the Guardian, large numbers (including many who depend on it) have been persuaded that most recipients of social security are feckless, profligate fraudsters. Despite everything that has happened over the last two years, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere and the other media barons still seem to be running the country. Their relentless propaganda, using exceptional and shocking cases to characterise an entire social class, remains highly effective. Divide and rule is as potent as it has ever been. '
George Monbiot

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