Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welsh low impact home threatened with demolition

Would you say this Welsh home is an eyesore?
Pembrokeshire County Council think it is and want to demolish it.

Undercurrents have been reporting the saga around the low impact home (watch here)

Charlie, Meg and baby Eli live near Lammas ecovillage in West Wales and have been inspired to make a stunning roundhouse. The home has the turf roof, straw bale insulation and lime render which are fast becoming the vernacular in low impact building in Wales.

"Lammas  turned up very close to us and we started seeing what they were doing- building with natural material, low cost housing, very well insulated. It seemed to make sense."

The house was built on Charlie's family's land but without planning permission and Pembrokeshire County Council are now threatening action. Charlie and Meg are asking for public support to enable them to get retrospective planning permission for their home. You can complete an online form offering your support
The address you need to quote is : Trecnwc, Glandwr, Whitland, Pembs, SA340YD; in the section for Role Code, select "interested party" and for Nature of Response, put "support". You will need to attach a document sating your support, and we suggest something like:
"Dear Claire John, Case Officer, We would like to support the retrospective planning permission application for this home. It is an inspiring example of a beautiful natural building and of how young people may address the shortage of available homes."

Pembrokeshire County Council's enforcement notice says the property is, "harmful to the rural character of the locality" and must be demolished. This is a view of the rural character close to Charlie's home on Google Street View. Charlie needs your support for his retrospective planning application. If you feel you can help Charlie and his young family please fill in your name and address details on this online form for 12/1070/PA.

 The Western Telegraph have published an article about the house and Charlie and Meg's appeal.

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions. http://www.undercurrents.org

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