Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daily Mail and Undercurrents

After reading numerous accounts of the Daily Mail taking peoples photographs and using them for their own website without paying, I wasn't too hopeful of getting a positive result when the Daily Mail grabbed our images from our video to use for their own video report.

However this story has a happy ending.This week the Video Editor at the Daily Mail, Melanie Edgar took Undercurrents images without our permission and used them in her own report for the Daily Mail on March 26th 2013 (see picture for how it was presented with the title 'Explore the home that Charlie and Megan have created')

To compliment her article on an eco-home that is being threatened with demolition she wanted to use clips from an Undercurrents video report so contacted us stating-

'I assume we are OK to download this and use it to illustrate the content? 
Let me know if not or if there are any queries '

She never mentioned that she was from the Daily Mail and Undercurrents replied within 2 hours stating-

'If you are not-for-profit, it will be fine to reproduce as long as it is unedited and attributed'

She replied-
'Its the Daily Mail website so I suppose it is for profit but there is not really anything I can do to change that. '

To her credit she engaged with us and following some emails and a phone call, we engaged in bit of bartering. She stated that the Daily Mail usual rate for licensing video for online use is normally £50-£80.

We wanted more like £500 (approx £100 per minute) but we finally settled upon £300 plus VAT.

A pleasant outcome especially since I expected a protracted argument involving legal departments. The story is one which needs airing and it is great that our footage is helping promote it. Finally it is a relief to find a decent journalist in the Daily Mail.

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.

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