Friday, February 22, 2013

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One of crew at wants to run this skills workshop

Create video interviews and reports straight away with your smartphone or tablet. Using simple templates, this workshop will provide you with easily-acquired skills for reporting events and actions, and distributing them effectively.

The videos will be available online instantly and be part of the social media conversation during the event. With this newly learned skill, each participant will be able to go on reporting on Digital Shoreditch events.

Questions answered :
Where next for mobile journalism and reporting? This session will reboot your ideas about citizen media and will show you how to use the tools in your pocket to produce quality media instantly.

Speaker Bio: Marc Barto is producer and training director at He runs the Open Source group "Spring of Code" and a few other tech communities in London. In a previous life Marc has been a scriptwriter for French TV travel documentaries and won the Kieslowski scenario prize in 2002. His video training experience began in the schools of Bordeaux and continued with media analysis workshops in Paris Universities and now London. 

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.

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