Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Police play rough with tree warriors in Hastings

Campaigners express concern over police & security behaviour as protest camp eviction looms

Tuesday 15 January 2013: A grandmother campaigning against the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR) has been strip searched & pepper-sprayed by the police during protests against the Road, prompting activists to express concern over the behaviour of police & security during the eviction of the protest camps in Combe Haven valley. 

Police have told protesters that these evictions will take place this week. Other women, in their 60s, have been thrown to the ground by security guards, receiving head injuries.
The peaceful protests against the BHLR – the “first and the worst” of over 190 road projects that George Osborne, big business and local councils are pushing across Englandf and Wales – have received significant national media coverage over the past week.

“Sally” – who has been bailed to appear at Hastings police station this Friday (18 January) – was arrested by police on the afternoon of Saturday 15 December 2012 in Sidley, Bexhill. After police demanded her name and address and she refused, she was arrested, strip-searched, forcibly finger-printed and then not released until 1.40am the next morning. The police have no blanket power to demand names and addresses [5], strongly suggesting that her arrest – which they apparently justified by claiming, falsely, that she had been involved in “anti-social behaviour” – was unlawful. [
When “Sally” did return to take part in the protests on 8 January, she was pepper-sprayed in the face by the police during the removal of a protester who had climbed up a telegraph pole.
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