Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nikon in animal hunting protests

I was a photographer before I got into video and owned several Nikon cameras. However, a few weeks ago I found a Facebook group (Boycott Nikon) that were highlighting Nikon’s involvement in the US market of animal hunting accessories. This is not what I expected from the company.

In particular, one of Nikon’s websites is specifically dedicated to hunting: http://nikonhunting.com/ and promotes hunting accessories and links to websites promoting the killing of elephants, tigers, lions for fun or sport 

People have logged complaints with both Nikon Europe and Nikon US asking them to clarify what is their official company stand on hunting. The answers received so far are disappointing and I quote:

“Being a premier optics manufacturer if there is a market to which we can offer our considerable services then we will facilitate where possible. It’s with this in mind that Nikon provide the rifle scope product range. Rifle shooting is a sport and sportsmen within the field require optics. Regarding hunting specifically, Nikon’s stance is that in certain parts of world it is perfectly legal and considered a sport. In the UK Nikon do not distribute the rifle scope line-up directly as there is little market for it, however in the US, for example, there is a very sizeable hunting market to which we are happy to provide the optical tools that allow them to get the most out of their chosen sport.'
It’s worth mentioning that Nikon have buckled to public pressure in the past: back in 2009 they were forced to retract from a predator hunting derby in Idaho (US) due to public pressure. A predator derby is a killing spree of carnivorous animals where hunters compete against each other on the clock to kill as many carnivores as possible in 24 hours. There are no tags, permits, or government oversight.  

What can I do?
Write to Nikon, here:

Join the Facebook group Boycott Nikon, here:

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Boycott Nikon said...

Many thanks for the coverage Paul, which I've linked to at our new presence on tumblr! http://nikonboycott.tumblr.com/post/50815007700/i-was-a-photographer-before-i-got-into-video-and