Thursday, December 27, 2012

Help fund The Protester movie

According to TIME MAGAZINE, 2011’s "Person of the Year" wasn’t a single individual, but a generational fenomenon: the protesters around the world, from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. 

TIME’s article featured pictures from anonymous militants, including several egyptians protesters, symbols of the movement that brought down the Mubarak government. However, they are not anonymous: we’re talking about countless personal stories that came together during the 2011 riots and now, for the first time, are living in a democratic government. "The Revolution of the Year" is a documentary feature film about the young egyptians that dropped everything and risked their lives for a common cause, a look at these protesters before, during and after the revolution.

A crowdfunded docummentary will take a closer look at these three moments of the revolutionary process. It will show how life in Egypt was before the democratic government - and how the Arab Spring happened - with footage made by the characters themselves. During the presidential elections in June 2012, our film crew was in Cairo, documenting the event on Tahrir Square. Side by side with the very same protesters featured on Time, we experienced the tension, euphoria, and ultimately, the disappointment they faced with this new democracy.

You can help fund the making of the film here

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