Thursday, December 27, 2012

Help fund The Protester movie

According to TIME MAGAZINE, 2011’s "Person of the Year" wasn’t a single individual, but a generational fenomenon: the protesters around the world, from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. 

TIME’s article featured pictures from anonymous militants, including several egyptians protesters, symbols of the movement that brought down the Mubarak government. However, they are not anonymous: we’re talking about countless personal stories that came together during the 2011 riots and now, for the first time, are living in a democratic government. "The Revolution of the Year" is a documentary feature film about the young egyptians that dropped everything and risked their lives for a common cause, a look at these protesters before, during and after the revolution.

A crowdfunded docummentary will take a closer look at these three moments of the revolutionary process. It will show how life in Egypt was before the democratic government - and how the Arab Spring happened - with footage made by the characters themselves. During the presidential elections in June 2012, our film crew was in Cairo, documenting the event on Tahrir Square. Side by side with the very same protesters featured on Time, we experienced the tension, euphoria, and ultimately, the disappointment they faced with this new democracy.

You can help fund the making of the film here

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Charity raises money with porn

The Fort Amherst Heritage Trust, which looks after the historic Amherst Fort in Chatham, Kent has outraged some of its management, trustees and volunteers by raising money, alleged to be £1,200, from allowing Playboy TV to make a pornographic film in the network of tunnels underneath the heritage site.
Some at the charity are claiming that donors have been put off by the booking, said to have been agreed by a member of the management team who has since left.

Fort Amherst was built in 1756 to help defend Britain's shores from Napoleon's armies and is a popular choice with families, not least for the scary ghost tours organised in the reputedly haunted tunnels, which have also been used for weddings. They were also used for parts of the 1986 historical drama, The Mission, set in 18th-century South America and featuring the likes of Robert de Niro, Jeremy Irons and Liam Neeson, as well as Oscar-winning photography by Chris Menges and a much-praised musical score by Ennio Morricone, for many film buffs, two names that signal quality.

Playboy's effort doesn't appear to have quite the same cachet, being a pornographic spoof of the 1980's TV series Knight Rider, called "Tight Rider", though it will doubtless appeal to fans of the genre.......... 

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Presenter for Cannabis video series wanted

Undercurrents will be producing a series of videos in 2013 and we need a presenter.
We are seeking a female presenter for a new and exciting video channel about the cannabis industry. No experience is needed as enthusiasm and on-screen friendliness is far more important.

Your role will be to interview top cannabis seedbanks, seed breeders, and industry experts about their seeds during international trade events. You must be available to travel to Spain to work with us from February 14th - 18th 2013. You will, obviously, need a valid passport! This will be our first event, but we are hoping to attend lots more trade events during 2013 and beyond, and we would want you to be a big part of that as you will be our 'face' for all video production.

You will be representing Freedom Seeds, a new UK-based seedbank. Rest assured that our business, and everything we sell, is 100% legal. Learn more about this business by visiting

How Do I Apply?
Get in front of a camcorder and tell us why you want to be a presenter. A maximum of 60 seconds is plenty!

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.

Fund for recording history

Sharing Heritage
Sharing Heritage is for any not-for-profit group wanting to explore, share and celebrate their community’s heritage. Activities we can support include events, exhibitions, festivals and celebrations, or producing local history publications, conservation of individual heritage items, volunteer training and support.
Start-up grants will also be available to community groups taking responsibility for heritage, to create the right constitutional framework (including the costs of professional advice on legal forms and governance structures) and to assess options in arriving at a strategy for managing the heritage. They may then make a further application for a grant for a project focused on their heritage.
Grants: £3,000 - £10,000
Apply from: Feb 2013
Deadline: None
Decision: 8 weeks

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Funds for producing feature films


Sheffield Doc/Fest and Creative England, in partnership with Creative Skillset, present Fast Track to Features – a documentary feature mentoring and networking opportunity aimed exclusively at regional and diverse documentary talent based in the English regions outside London.

Fast Track to Features is a combination of workshops, mentoring and networking events focusing on:
•      Preparing feature documentary-makers to attract the interest of funders, distributors and festivals
•       Preparing feature documentary-makers to access festivals and markets, including at Sheffield Doc/Fest, and get the most out of them
•       Building alliances between documentary professionals in different regions where networking amongst the documentary community has historically been poor

We're looking for regional documentary feature talent working on a project which has theatrical potential , and looking to take the step up to making a feature and reach broader audiences than they have before. You should be looking to join a network of filmmaking peers prepared to proactively be part of a local network of committed and mutually-supportive documentary-makers.

To apply, you must be based in a region of England outside of London and we especially welcome applications from female and BME documentary talent, and documentary-makers with disabilities.
Deadline for applying - Friday 18 January 2013
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Friday, December 07, 2012

best social change documentaries free to watch online

This is an exciting library.Watch over 400 of the best social change documentaries free to watch online, all via one massive wall of films on a single page.

One click beyond this magical wall of films, everything has been cataloged and sorted into 42 different learning themes and is searchable and sortable by highest rated, most viewed, and newest added

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.