Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to survive the future....leaves today from Bristol

Today a couple leave on an adventure. You can follow a Bristol couple as they navigate through a Europe on the brink of bankruptcy. They say
'We explore what living without a functioning economic and political system is like, meeting compelling characters and relaying the darker comedic side of collapse.'

A filmmaker is taking a boat around Europe to explore the future.

She said
I’ve been planning a film on the subject of a looming catastrophic crash in our current way of life for a few years. I’m very interested in the divide between people who believe this will happen and  those who haven’t really thought about it, and also among those who are physically attempting to prepare and those who believe but don’t act on it at all.

I was inspired to make this film because of my husband Sam, who has been looking into Peak Oil issues for some years. For a rundown on Peak Oil issues and to see what some other people are doing to prepare for this particular catastrophe, see

Some friends of mine are more concerned about climate change, others more preoccupied with pollution, Nuclear war or meltdowns. Others are expecting sudden devastation from a renegade fragment of the sun or spinning amorphous superstition around the 2012 deadline.
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