Monday, August 20, 2012

A journalist published where he gets his income from

A journalist published where he gets his income from;

George Monbit said
'I believe that everyone who steps into public life should be obliged to show on whose behalf they are speaking: in other words who is paying them, and how much. I would like to see journalists, like MPs, become subject to a mandatory register of interests. But until that time I hope to encourage other journalists to declare the sources of their income voluntarily – by declaring mine.

One is with the Guardian, to supply columns, blog posts and other material, from 1st February 2012 until 31st January 2013, for which I am paid an annual fee of £62,007.
The other is with Penguin, to write a book about rewilding, for which I will be paid £40,000, for work across 3-4 years.
I have one other regular source of income: the rent paid by my two lodgers, which currently amounts to £6,000 a year.
Please note: these figures, as well as the additional income cited below, are gross earnings, not net income. I am a freelance journalist, and a good deal of this money is put back into my work. I employ an assistant, run my own office and must also make my own provision for research, travel, pension, tax and other expenses. My total taxable income last year was £43,708.

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