Sunday, July 22, 2012

Britain wins the Tour De France in style

After an incredible 3 weeks, Londoner Bradley Wiggins has won the Tour De France cycle race. He is the first ever British person to win the Tour.In 2nd place was Briton Chris Frome and Mark 'the missile' Cavendish from Isle of Man won the final stage in Paris.
I expect to now see a fresh wave of interest in cycling across Britain. For those who don't realise it yet, this win is on a par with England winning the World Cup in 1966. A historic day.

Professional Racing Cycling has gone through heavy times over the last 5 years. Many pro-cyclists illegally injected themselves with performance drugs to boost their wins. In my mind, sport is about pushing a human body to limits over and above everyone else. Once drugs came in, no one knew was natural performance and what was concocted in a test tube. All cyclists entering the Pro-sport would have faced huge dilemma. Do they inject and be able to at least be a contender or stay clean and risk never getting anywhere near the spotlight (no shine, no career) smeared clean riders who pushed themselves to the limit

But this win shows that pro-cycling is being cleaned up again for future generations. But it also shows what £30million gets you which is what Murdoch's Sky empire invested into the new British cycling team. They bought the best riders, the best equipment and trainers and it paid off.

World Champions, stage wins in most of the top races, and now a Tour de France winner and 2nd place.  Loathe that I am to see Sky emblazoned across all the wins it is an incredible acheivement for any team.

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