Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disgraced Police spy now working as a snoop in the USA

Ex British spy cop Mark Kennedy is attempting to establish himself as a private consultant for corporate agencies in the US.

Kennedy is advertising himself on “LinkedIn”, and his profile can be viewed here.

An extract from this profile is listed here….  “I have many years experience in covert operations and deployments,  intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination, statement taking, investigations and case preparation, evidential court apperances, surveillance and counter-surveillance skills and the use of technical covert, recording equipment.
I have lectured for law enforcement agencies and services regarding  infiltration tactics and covert deployments and have lectured for the  private sector regarding risk management, the threat from extremist and  protest groups and creating preventative protocols.
My exeperience is drawn from 20 years as a British Police officer, the last ten of which were deployed as a covert operative working within extreme left political and animal rights groups throughout the UK, Europe and the US providing exacting intelligence upon which risk and threat assessment analysis could be made. 

That knowledge and experience is now drawn upon to provide expert consultation to the public / private sectors to provide investigative services, deliver informative lectures and training, provide risk and threat assessments to companies, corporations and their staff from the threat of direct action in all its forms. It is my intention to provide a enhance a better understanding of protest, the reasons why protest takes place and the subsequent appropriate management of protest and to assist in employing the appropriate pre-emptive policing and security considerations to mass mobilisations, protest and direct action as well as real time analysis and responces and to provide post event debriefing to staff effected by direct action.” 

The profile indicates Kennedy is based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 
 The profile also reveals that in January 2010, shortly before leaving the
police, he set up a company called “Stanage Consulting”.

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