Friday, May 25, 2012

Call out for Women film makers.

 The media is currently expressing its shock about the absence of women from
 this years Cannes Film Festival (as well as the last two years) and is
 advocating the need to promote films made by women and give women more
 opportunities to engage more generally in filmmaking. 
 But is this shocking? Not really. Unfortunately this situation is not new
 and has been going on for many years. 
 I would like to invite you on a journey to establish an initiative/
 cooperative for women involved in the different roles of filmmaking. 
 Whether you are a director, camera operator, editor, make-up artist,
 scriptwriter, sound woman, producer, actress, or whatever, this initiative
 is for you. 
 We will explore and create this initiative together.  It will be a space
 for coming up with new ideas, creating collaborations, and most
 importantly-- making films! So there will be more films out there made by
 women and about the subjects and the perspectives that we are interested
 Please email to be involved and get more
 information about the initiative.
 Keren Ghitis
 Film director & writer.

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