Monday, March 26, 2012

One Man and his eco-shed

Kevin McCloud who presents Grand Designs is making a eco-moveable shed. The TV company are interested in including our Sol Cinema as part of the programme.

In this series, Kevin explores whether what really makes us happy is creativity and simplicity. So he’s going and building his very own haven away from the world of uniform relentless mass production – a structure he can point to and proudly say "I built that". He said
'Having spent five years with the cameras trailing behind me to make two one-hour documentaries about the Swindon housing project, I am now embarking on a project just as grand in its scope and ambitious in its vision. Channel 4 has commissioned a series of four one-hour programmes in which I’m going to build a shed. More precisely, I’m going to go back to the woods and build myself a shelter from first principles. Like most people, I depend on – and indeed love – the modern world. I love technology, my car, restaurants and shopping. But amidst all the gizmos and luxury of a twenty-first-century life, I know that there’s something missing. I’m a consumer, not a maker. So I want to make something. Something powerful and basic – a shelter to live in with some creature comforts: a chair, a window. And some lunch.

This will involve attempting a host of craft skills, everything from woodturning to forging a knife to growing salad. It will be an exploration of the value of craftsmanship and well-made stuff by, well, making stuff. And probably by cocking it up in the process. I fully expect not to be able to make: iron ore, leather from a dead sheep, a stove, bedlinen, comfortable furniture and insulation out of old moss and seaweed. And a spa, using water from the shed roof and heat from the wood burner I intend to construct. Failure is not an option, it is almost guaranteed. Hence the need for experts and inspiring craftsmen; giants among men and women
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