Thursday, February 09, 2012

86yr old protester sues police over surveillance database

Police spy unit kept detailed record of 86-year-old John Catt's presence at more than 55 demonstrations over four-year period.An 86-year-old man is launching a landmark lawsuit against police chiefs who labeled him a "domestic extremist" and secretly recorded his political activities in minute detail.
Lawyers for John Catt are due to open the legal action at the high court on Thursday against a clandestine police unit that has been at the centre of controversy over its undercover infiltration of political groups.Catt, who has no criminal record, was "shocked and terrified" when he discovered that police had kept a detailed record of his presence at more than 55 demonstrations over a four-year period.
The police had detailed how the Brighton pensioner took out his sketchpad and made drawings of demonstrations he attended. Also logged were slogans on his clothes and details of his appearance, such as "clean-shaven".
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