Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can you help us make a movie?

If society collapsed tomorrow, how would TV presenters Ray Mears, Cody
Lundin or Bear Grylls survive?
That is the concept of a movie we are planning right now. We start filming
with Andrew Price as the main character in September 2012 and we need your help.

TEOTWAWKI- the movie
Following an socio-economic crash, our main character will have the
persona of a TV presenter of a survival series. He will have to survive on
his skills and wits. He will to stay in contact with his fans via his
regular internet videos. Throughout the movie, these videos will give us
the opportunity for our character to present useful skills to the

He will meet people in various situations who have prepared and will show
how they can cope living off grid.
Find out how you can help us by checking out our website on

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