Thursday, December 01, 2011

Strikes are good for the economy.

General Strikes are good for the economy it seems. In Swansea on the day, thousands of people went shopping instead of manning the picket lines. Sadly junk food masters McDonalds was packed all day as a small group of people in tents 'occupied' the small green in front of McDonalds.Mr Wilkinson, 74, of Brynmill, took part in the recent Occupy protest outside St Paul's Cathedral.
He said the debate about public sector cuts and shrinking pensions were part of a bigger picture, and felt it was wrong to pitch the private and public sectors against one another.
He said: "What they don't realise is that public and private sector wages have effectively been driven down over the past 30 years as more product has gone into profit and less into wages."
He said shareholders wanted quick and big returns when they invested in a firm.
"It's in the interest of the people at the top to drive down wages and get rid of people at the bottom," said Mr Wilkinson.

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