Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our local TV channel on BBC news

I was on BBC news today talking about the future of Local TV. I argued that local tv has to be internet based (free for all, low cost, user friendly) rather than digital tv (expensive license, ofcom regulations, corporate model). I was showcasing our Swansea Telly project, an internet-based channel.
I think local TV could work, so long as it was genuinely independent, genuinely local and passionately committed to investigative journalism. Would local people and companies financially support it? that is the crux of it all.
Watch the news feature on BBC

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Tyler said...

Enjoyed your comments & agree with you about the commitment to investigative journalism. Wanted to share a new independent film with you that you may enjoy centered around the same subject. Deadline starring Eric Roberts & Steve Talley is coming out in Feb 2012 & is a wonderful film based on a true Southern story. A young journalist decides to pick up a 20 yr old unsolved racially motivated murder case to try get to the bottom of it & find some redemption & healing in the small town. Checkout deadlinefilm.com to watch the trailer - I definitely think it's a film you would enjoy!

DESI-TIMES said...
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