Saturday, December 10, 2011

Being a paramedic on the Christmas streets

Back in the ambulance, his colleague John Morgan has taken four more calls in as many minutes to scoop up Christmas revellers who have overdone the seasonal spirit. Antonia Gissing, the third member of the crew, is dealing with a trainee lawyer wearing silver cufflinks who has vomited over himself and the booze bus. As she wipes his face and nose, he mutters insults. Almost paralysed with drink and slumped in the chair, he slowly, deliberately, curls his hand and waves his middle finger abusively in her face. "Fuck you, I pay your wages," he slurs before vomiting again.

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So either we ban Alcohol or Christmas- my vote is Christmas. Once upon a time it was a festival (named Solstice) now it is a corporate owned event rebranded as 'Christmas'. Now it is similar to any corporate event- spiritless and an opportunity for excess.
So which would you choose?

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NYork said...

What's funny is I posed a question just last night asking how long a friend thought christmas would remain in the american culture. But you are totally right. It's become a corporate backed experience. Pushing for absurdities such as the mayhem of Black Friday.

As for the recklessness of people celebrating and over consuming, well, I think that's become the american way. The truth is most people have no restraint or consideration. I would asy "any more", but I'm not sure if they had it to begin with.