Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 British Urban Film Festival

Buff Enterprises has already received its' first batch of submissions for
the 2012 British Urban Film Festival - the 7th annual gathering of
independent filmmakers from across the nation. Buff Enterprises launched in
July 2005 and is the home of urban film coverage in the UK.

As a result of its' key pledge to screen films free of charge, Buff has
played its' part in developing and attracting audiences who have shown a
keen interest in being part of this movement. The annual British Urban Film
Festival is the only festival of its' kind in the UK and has become a
trusted source for film fans keen to tap into urban independent cinema.

A DVD screener, EPK, plus a non-refundable entry fee of 25 is the
requirement for producers, directors and production companies wishing to
submit a short film, documentary or feature length movie. All cheques
should be made payable to 'Buff Enterprises Ltd'. Please send all materials
plus a cover letter to British Urban Film Festival 2012, Buff Enterprises
c/o 4front Films, 27 Ithaca House, Romford Road, London E15 4LJ.

More details can be found at (click on

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chilsonrolen said...

Thats really great news. I think it is going to wonderful festival and hope it will become a popular in all over the world.