Thursday, November 03, 2011

Funding for Green projects

Grimple's Green Grants Scheme
Through the Scheme, the Green Insurance Company wishes to encourage 'green behaviour' and is looking for individuals and organisations to get involved in their community and surrounding natural environment. The company is looking for environmentally-friendly green projects across the United Kingdom that it can fund and support.
This year, there is an overall budget of £40,000 available for distribution. Individual grants of up to £2,000, plus a special one off grant of up to £10,000, will be allocated to fund a variety of initiatives. Ideas include anything from creating a community garden, to reducing food miles by growing vegetables or establishing a wildlife garden to encourage biodiversity back into gardens.
Those in urban areas might wish to develop a project to increase awareness of environmental issues and educate the younger generation so that they develop good habits early. The scheme could also be used to fund energy efficiency improvements in energy inefficient buildings where community meetings take place.

Individuals and non-profit organisations in the UK, undertaking projects with a clear green element are eligible to apply to this scheme.
The deadline for receipt of applications is Wednesday 30th November 2011.
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