Monday, November 07, 2011

Former police spy cancels visit to documentary film festival

This is from a translation of a Danish article.
The British policeman Mark Kennedy, who for years infiltrated activist groups, has canceled his visit to the Festival Copenhagen DOX. This follows protests from Danish and British climate activists.

Protests from the Danish and British climate activists lead to the former British police agent Mark Kennedy still not come to Denmark.The highly controversial policeman has over seven years infiltrated activist circles in several European countries - including Denmark.

He should have participated in a debate event at the time being in Copenhagen DOX Film Festival for the world premiere of the movie "Undercover Cop".- Mark Kennedy apparently realized or decided that it would not be safe for him to come to Denmark, says program officer at the festival, Nicholas Engstrom, to Modkraft.

The cancellation comes after activist network Climate Collective has spoken to Modkraft that the undercover officer is not welcome in Denmark.Meanwhile, climate activists in England protested against Mark Kennedy's participation in the documentary film festival and via Climate Collective have published a statement on the matter.
Mark Kennedy is accused of consistently lying about his time among left-wing activists, while also earning large sums for his media performances - including the movie "Undercover Cop"."Clifford (PR agent, Ed.) Kennedy secured a large fee for this documentary matter what quality it had. But having spent years lying and now have lost the feel for what is true and false, then neither the former police colleagues or activists wanted to have something with this movie. It is a shame that a well-respected film festival being compromised by a documentary with so doubtful a starting point "

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