Friday, October 21, 2011

Undercover cop Boyling - latest revelations

More revelations of how undercover police have used dodgy tactics.
Jim Boyling, a specialist operations detective constable with the Metropolitan police, is accused of maintaining an alias throughout court proceedings after being arrested following a demonstration in 1996.

In 1999 I filmed the car which PC Boyling/Sutton was in (see photo) which aimed to block the streets for the carnival against capital(ism) in London

The video images show 5 police officers pushing it away after Boyling 'accidentally' left the window open. This story was reported in the Guardian as follows:

Boyling's operation would prove to be so successful that he played a central organising role behind the so-called Carnival Against Capitalism in 1999, one of the major anti-capitalist demonstrations of the past two decades. Those involved in organising the protest recall that he was a 'navigator" in a car that had been intended to block Upper Thames Street, in central London, kickstarting a day in which thousands of activists would clash with police.

The woman who was driving the car – purchased for £200 – recalls how Boyling made what at the time appeared to be a stupid error. He left the window open, enabling police to open the door, take off the handbrake, and push the car away.
Confronted over his error, Boyling was said to have replied: "Oh, I forgot." The protest went ahead anyway, but it was a setback for the activists.

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belly fat said...

This is what a dirty cop gets for trying to disguise themselves and commit crimes. The law is suppose to protect us and not be criminals.