Thursday, September 22, 2011

Undercover eco-Cop film on Channel 4

A contact of mine managed to attend a private showing of a rough cut of the film about undercover cop Mark Stone. Planned for broadcast by Channel 4 next month, the film maker Brian Hill showed his rough cut at this event

From what I heard, the film is lacking focus as no environmental activist will engage with the filmmaker. Mark Stone was a police officer who duped his way into the environmental movement for 7 years. My contact tells me that Mark Stone has very little charisma on camera so is a bit dull to watch. Blue screen and re-enactments have been used to try and liven the film up.

This is from Channel 4 press office:
Directed by Bafta-winner Brian Hill and narrated by Kennedy, Cutting Edge also features interviews with the police to reconstruct the story of how Mark Kennedy went from being a regular south London police officer with a wife and two children, to becoming Mark Stone. This was Mark the environmental campaigner, militant activist and undercover cop who broke into power stations, learned how to make bombs, infiltrated groups hell bent on attacking major corporations and stood arm in arm with anti-capitalist anarchists. He also had a relationship with a female activist for four years and was even beaten up by fellow police officers unaware he was undercover and all the time he was feeding intelligence back to his handlers.

Now, with his cover blown only a few months ago, he lives in fear for his life. He is separated from his wife and family. The woman he fell deeply in love with as Mark Stone never wants to see him again. For the first time, Kennedy is returning to face up to himself, his actions and to the people who claim he betrayed them.

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Anonymous said...

The SIB have been Infiltrating the BNP for over ten years plus ! This a so called legal political party.
The SIB have actively influenced and aided and abetted election out come on multiple occasions and have been directly and in-directly behind physical and financial attacks on Individuals within the BNP ! But hey these Nationalists are Scum though aren't they so F--k em yeah ? SGT David Hibbert and two other SIB Officers from The Ministry of Defense Secret Intelligence Buro have been running the Devon & Cornwall Diversity Unit hear in Plymouth for the past 15yrs Spying on the Plymouth Public and as well as Influencing the Police & Council they have had a Massive Influence on the Courts! Least we Forget, One Hundred years on we have become a Slave puppet State were the people of the said State are nothing more than a Discarded Product used for soul Profit Manipulation and Mutilation. GG