Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Shoplifting for Jesus'- new album from Alabama 3

Excellent publicity for Alabama 3's new album

Why 'Shoplifting for Jesus'?
There are so many questions to answer about what is theft and what is liberation.
Is illegal downloading theft?
Is sampling and borrowing from other musicians homage, tribute or another form of shoplifting?
If it's ok to kill for whoever your god may be, isn't it ok to steal in their name too?
These are confusing times we live in when, in the words of Rev D.Wayne Love, 'Wrong is Right.'

While the poor have to pay the price for the pilfering of the bankers, who have left the world's economies in tatters but are never made to repay their debts, our youth are being attacked for taking something back for themselves - whether that is an illegally downloaded tune or a pair of knocked off trainers...

We say all property is theft and we're all thieves.
This album is full of begged, borrowed, stolen and recycled ideas.
It is an album that cries out against the demonisation of our young people.
Whether it's the riots in London or the Arab Spring it's all about the young people taking to the streets amid the death throws of capitalism.
Alabama 3 say the youth is our future and we must celebrate all signs of resistance.
Our time is now.

You must get this record.
Steal it if you can.
Buy it if you can't.

'It doesn't matter what you liberate as long as you liberate yourselves' says Larry Love.

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