Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Police video evidence?

As yet another court case collapses over Police mishandling of a protest in Fortun and Mason, we find news of this one.
This copper denied knowledge of video evidence at this action!
In April 2008 some people locked on to the the doors of EOns offices. Police turned up and Nottingham Police's Inspector Chell said that if they do not unlock themselves and move by 10.00 they would be arrested. They unlocked at 9:56 but were still arrested.

Nine months later as the court case opens the CPS denies knowledge of video evidence of Inspector Chell's interaction with the protesters, Inspector Chell also says in Court that he did not know of the video evidence. Case collapses but all that happens to the police/CPS is 'strong words' from a magistrate.

After nine months to prepare for the case the CPS should have known of the video evidence. And the police blatantly lied in court: the image shows Inspector Chell at the time of the arrests with police evidence gatherers taking video and photograph !

The issue is not just that the CPS and Police routinely corrupt the justice system. Perhaps the more significant point is that the justice system allow them to.
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