Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Support creatives on the web with brilliant donating system

Useful application here

Flattr makes it easier for people to give money to charities and activists of the
causes they support thanks to micropayments.

Micropayments work through a button that works a lot like the Like-button, the
difference being that clicking the Flattr button means sending real money. It is
much easier to use than any donation options; all it takes is a click.. This video) explains how Flattr works.

The bottom line is that your supporters can seamlessly make micropayments to you.
While "micropayment" doesn't sound like much, they make a lot in volume. Tim Pritlov
can attest to that. He’s a German podcaster that uses flattr and gets an average
monthly revenue of roughly 2000 Euro through flattr. You can find out more about him
here :

Flattr also serves as a content discovery tool so the added benefit is that you and
the cause you support get more visibility online.

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