Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Whirlygig Cinema seeks films suitable for kids

Whirlygig Cinema is seeking cool and quirky short films for children, to be
showcased in film tents at various music festivals this summer, including
Glastonbury. We are open to anything; animations, dramas,
mini-documentaries, absolutely anything as long as it will appeal to
children of all ages.

Please email for details of how to submit. Films
should be no longer than 15 minutes, and should be suitable for children
aged between 3 and 12. Due to a tight deadline and the imminent approach of
festival season, the deadline for submissions is 10th May.

This is part of Whirlygig Cinemas mission to promote the work
up-and-coming artists and filmmakers through a variety of short film
programmes and themed strands. For more information about Whirlygig and
what we do, please visit

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