Thursday, May 19, 2011

Used renewables for sale

A number of items from a renewables install for sale - currently in
Worcester. May be able to deliver to Bristol area / Sunrise Festival at end
of the month.
More info and pics at

It was all removed last week and was installed 2 years ago new (the
batteries were 2 years old when installed, they came out of a backup
system and haven't been off charge until Tuesday...) All good condition and
holding their charge well.
There may be some panels in the near future as well

Batteries ­ 36 in total, Yuhasa 6 volt 100 Amp hour sealed Gel
batteries. They measure 205mm sq and 235mm high. All in good, charged
condition, no corrosion on terminals, cracks or splits etc. Ideal for
any renewables system. Will sell in smaller batches and can include
some cables for interconnecting them
£15 each, discount on a quantity

Wind turbine. A Future Energy 1.5kw 5 blade 48 volt turbine. Permanent
Magnet generator. Blades 1.8mtr dia. Comes complete with 24ft of scaff
pole tower, (inc all clamps etc), Charge regulator, dump load, cables
and guy wires. All in good working condition, 2 years old. New cost
for the turbine, regulator and dump load alone would be over £1300,
not including the cables, tower etc.
Asking £650 ono

Inverter. This is the dogs danglies of inverters. A Studer SI Series
True Sinewave inverter, Model SI3324. About 2 years old, excellent
95% efficiency.
3300 watts continuous output and 11000 watts surge output.
Microprocessor control with under-voltage, over-voltage and
short-circuit output protection.
Special standby circuit reduces no-load power consumption to just 0.3 watts.

These cost over £2100 new! Looking for £1150 ono
Tech spec here:

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