Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Police paid £250,000 in compensation to people arrested over G20 protest

The Metropolitan police has paid out more than £250,000 in damages to people arrested in connection with the G20 protests in London in 2009, the bulk of it to 66 activists held during a controversial raid on a squatted building.

Information obtained under a freedom of information request by a member of the public shows the force settled 66 civil claims relating to a raid by dozens of officers on a disused three-storey office building near Liverpool Street in the City of London on 2 April 2009. Activists had occupied the building a couple of days before.

The police paid out £237,000 in damages - an average of about £3,500 per person - and incurred almost £140,000 in costs. The compensation related to claims of false imprisonment and arrest.


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