Thursday, May 05, 2011

Morgan Spurlock -"The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" in trouble

Oh dear Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) is in trouble over his new movie over copying a movie from the 1990s.

In his new film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Spurlock employs an uncanny device, the business suit, and sells advertising space on it to fund his documentary film about advertising and product placement. He has worn the suit in promotional interviews for the film.
Spurlock says he didn't know that the Art Guys did it first.
Galbreth finds that very hard to believe.
"It's beyond uncanny as far as I'm concerned," says Galbreth. But just to be objective about it, he did a quick poll of his art, business and advertising acquaintances across the world and their reaction was unanimous: Spurlock's suit has to be a copied image.
"It's beyond belief-
I think that is a bit simplistic. While racecar drivers do put sponsors patches on their clothes, these two examples are much closer to each other than to the drivers. in this case, both are grey flannel suits worn by artists, or culture ...jammers, which they covered in sponsors brands to make a purposeful statement on economic systems through their art, both also produced documentary films about the experience. spurlock has been asked about this and he doesn't really agknowledge the art guys. it seems he could at least tip a hat towards a tradition, maybe even including Joseph Boyes and his grey flannel suits, which while not covered in ads were artistic statements on society.

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