Thursday, April 28, 2011

Police raid squats to preempt protests against royal wedding

Yesterday (wed 27/04/11) early in the morning, about 8am, two squats in Hove were illegally evicted by over 30 Metropolitan police officers. They had photos of three known anarchist activists from recent demos in London, that they said they wanted to arrest for "conspiracy to cause violent disorder".

This is believed to be part of Operation Brontide, a met police operation to round up people they believe to be "ringleaders" behind acts of criminal damage at some of the student demos, and the 26th March TUC demo.

Only one of the three activists they were looking for in Brighton was actually there when they raided. He was taken all the way to a police station in central London to be held for 8 hours and be given bail conditions banning him from being in central London!
This clearly indicates that part of the reason for the raids was to keep "troublemakers" away from the Royal Wedding on Friday.

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