Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Million views for Undercurrents Bushcraft & Survival video series

April marked the first million views of an online video series recorded in Swansea. A-Z of Bushcraft & Survival Skills is presented by Andrew Price from Killay, founder of the company Dryad Bushcraft.

A-Z of Bushcraft & Survival video series displays the art of living and learning in the natural environment. The series includes episodes on understand the natural environment on Swansea woodlands, beaches but also within the urban environment as well.

In the online videos, Andrew shows the abundance of edible wild plants growing on our doorstep in the city. Out on Gower he demonstrates how to forage on the beaches to prepare laver bread and cockles, and how to cook freshly caught fish over an open fire.

Bushcraft was made popular by Ray Mears on television but Andrew has become the face of the internet for the aincent skills. The series has become so popular that a number of USA television producers have wanted him to audition for their own survival shows.

Andrew Price said
'It is brilliant that the A-Z of Bushcraft has become so popular. Since I was born, I have spent every spare moment in the pursuit of Adventure. Is traveled extensively all over the world in order to study the traditional skills of indigenous peoples including the Orang Astli people of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, as well as the native inhabitants of Australia and Canada.'

Andrew is an experienced practitioner of a wide range of outdoor pursuits including Kayaking, Cycling, Rock Climbing, and Mountaineering. Andrew hosts Bushcraft & survival courses open to all via Dryad Bushcraft. His aim
is to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge that would have been second nature to our ancestors.

The video series can be watched online for free on

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