Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lighting Workshop

Lighting Workshop
South, OX4 3AH
Course start date: 14th May 2011

This course will introduce the students to the principles of lighting. After it they will have a better understanding and confidence to deal with lighting situations. During the course you will be encouraged to rig and use the lights yourselves. Tutor Graham Reed
I worked for the BBC for 21 years, first as a camera assistant, then as a cameraman, then Senior Cameraman before becoming a Freelance Lighting Cameraman.
I’ve worked on every type of TV programme in studios and on location. I’ve gained invaluable experience by working with many great artists and directors. I also learnt much by working with well known and respected cameramen, Ron Green, Jim Atkinson.

I now spend my working time as a Lighting Director, Lighting Cameraman, Cameraman, either in a studio, on location or on an OB. Because of my great experience and skills I easily change from planning large lighting rigs, as a Lighting Director, being Camera Supervisor on a multi-camera shoot to operating a Z7.

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