Monday, April 04, 2011

Films wanted for Scottish Outdoor Cinema

We are looking for short films for an outdoor community cinema in the Govanhill
area of Glasgow at the end of April. We want films that will inspire positive
community engagement; the programme should be of relevance to the lives and
struggles of the local community in Govanhill.

The aim is to encourage people to feel connected and empowered to take positive
local action. By showing both local and international films we aim to give the
audience a sense of their place in the world, as well as giving clues and
sparks of inspiration from elsewhere that will help to create, nurture and grow
positive solutions within their own lives and communities.

What local endeavours can we reflect? What struggles or common purpose exist
within Govanhill? (that also have films or images to put upon the screen? - a
series of photographs could serve the purpose.) And juxtapose those with
elsewhere communities that have grown to new levels of community activity and
taken collective action for the common good of it’s people.

The idea is to create a narrative for the audience and take them on a journey
which begins with themselves, their neighbours and their community - and bring
them to pastures new; to inspiring and achievable examples of how community can
be developed.

The Outdoor Cinema will held in the space that used to house the Hampden Picture
House, a cinema that originally seated 1,040 people. It was opened in December
1920 and closed again after nearly 50 years in 1969 - thereafter it was used as
a bingo hall, a cycling club and a social club. It was a music venue until it
was demolished in 2007. This event will give the local community the opportunity
to reclaim it’s original communal space.

I am looking for films (no more than 15 minutes long) that could fit into the
programme, as well as people, preferably with a background in performance to be
authentic usherette’s for the evening, we also need a compere.

Please contact me, Fran Higson with ideas for films to screen or if you are
interested in being a cinema usherette or compere. And please pass this e-mail
on to anyone else you think might be interested.

Thank you.
07939 157575

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