Thursday, March 10, 2011

We will be the Worlds first Air Conditioned Solar Mobile Cinema in the world!

Inviting our audience into mobile cinema in the Summer was tricky one on some days. Having 8 bodies in a tiny cosy space generates a healthy amount of body heat. Trying to solve that problem has been sticky.

We couldn't have windows open as that will let in daylight. Fans would offer that much help. We needed Air Con but how to do it on 12V?

We had a brainstorm last night and thought that we needed a cooler box which pumped out cold air rather than keep it in the box. A bit of a search and we have found someone who has designed it already and can be ours for $120.

we have ordered one from the USA as there are none available in the UK.I have ordered the Koolerair box from the USA so hopefully we will be the Worlds first Air Con Solar Mobile Cinema in the world!

How does the KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioner work you ask?
KoolerAire's powerful fan draws hot air into your ice filled chest forcing this air to penetrate deep and chill before exiting. The air is forced in faster than it can escape cooling to approximately 50 degrees before being released into your cabin or small space. It also works well as a space cooler providing relief from the heat in larger areas.

Looking at LED projectors too and this is getting a lot of attention.

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