Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tories try to crimalise Squatting

Gadaffi's son will be pleased with the Tories latest plans. The millionaires empty London mansion has been squatted by Free Libya activists.Now according to the Telegraph, the Government is trying to make squatting illegal for the first time in England and Wales.

The Telegraph says...
Those who still force their way in to empty properties will face a prison sentence.The new law will end the “nightmare” of home owners having to fight lengthy legal battles in the courts in order to evict squatters.Instead the police will be able to force entry and arrest anyone who has occupied a property. read more

I say..
Squatting the 250,000 empty properties around the UK should be encouraged, not criminalised! Before you start a debate, I am not talking about the rare occasion when a house is occupied after people go away for the weekend. I am talking about buildings left to rot for years which are taken over, repaired and lived in by creative people. I squatted for years in dozens of disused houses and left them in a much better condition than I found them. I know of dozens of other people who are in similar squats.
Find out more from the Advisory Service for Squatters.

The Tories are also trying to remove Brian Haw- a protester who has been squatting outside parliament for years against War. With the Royal Wedding coming up in a month, they don't want any reality to piss on their parade.

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