Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Standing up to Surveillance Conference- April 17th

Standing up to Surveillance Conference
Conference hosted by the Network for Police Monitoring.
Sunday 17th April. 10.30am 5pm.
Venue : Rich Mix 35 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

Speakers include: Tom Fowler (activist and editor of Radical Wales), Marc
Vallee (photojournalist and investigative journalist), Jason Parkinson
(videojournalist), Kevin Blowe (Community centre worker, writer and
commentator), Sam Walton, (activist with green and black cross and
climate camp legal teams), Emily Apple (Fitwatch activist) and others to
be confirmed.

The gathering of intelligence by police on political protesters and
minority communities is now a commonplace activity. Some
initiatives hit the press the use of undercover police officers to
infiltrate pacifist and environmental campaigns, for example, or
installing covert cameras with counter terrorism money to watch the
movements of Birminghams Muslim population.

Others have become routine and systematic; photographing people attending
demonstrations; demanding names and addresses; mapping communities;
gathering information from universities, Mosques and community
organisations; building up a database of protesters and their
activities. Intelligence gathering is big business, and there are
huge sums to be made by the companies that produce and supply the latest
surveillance equipment or analytical software.

What is driving this rapid and seemingly unstoppable descent into a
surveillance state? Why are so many of us potential targets for
state scrutiny? Is an increasing demand for intelligence driven by
a fear of extremism? Or by the availability of technology and the
millions that can be made from it? And what can be done to stop it?

Many of the speakers at the Standing up to Surveillance conference have
first-hand experience of the personal and political consequences of
intelligence-gathering by police or security services. The
aim is to provide a space to share experiences, pool knowledge, and
develop a deeper understanding of how our society as a whole is
Everyone is welcome.


The Network for Police Monitoring includes campaign groups Fitwatch,
CAMPACC, Newham Monitoring Project, Climate Camp Legal Team and The
Aldermaston Women�s Peace Camp.
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