Thursday, March 03, 2011

Police brutailty can now be caught on camera

This short film is a trailer and introduction to the problem of Police brutailty at protests and demonstrations - and an invitation to participate in its solution.

Anyone with a digital camera can now play a vital role - as a 'citizen photojournalist' - in holding the police to account for their actions.

For many years, despite accusations of heavy-handed policing at protests, there has been little to make the police accountable. So, while protestors routinely face arrest - and rightfully so if they are engaged in violence - police brutality has largely gone on with impunity.

If you go to a protest or demonstration, or observe Police Officers misusing their powers, TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH AND UPLOAD IT TO THIS FLICKR GROUP:​groups/​watchingthedetectives

You can also visit the special blog that has been set up to get updates and information:
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